1st Israel Open Solving Championship

The Israeli Solving Championship for 2014 was announced as an open international solving championship.
The solving competition took place on July 20, 2014 and in Israel it was part of the "2nd Gideon Japeth Open chess Tournament". It was held at the Hebrew University High School, commonly known as "Leyada".

The following countries and places participated in the event:

Finland, The Netherlands, Poland (Warsaw), Russia (Tver & Volgograd region),
Serbia (only 2nd category), Lithuania, Slovakia (Bratislava & Kosice).

In the 1st category there were 48 participant (one under 18).
In the 2nd category there were 43 participants (19 under 18 and 4 women)

The winner of the Israeli championship was Omer Friedland.
Second place Ofer Comay and third place Mordechai Chovnik.

Overall winner was Piotr Murdzia (Poland).
Second place was Anatoly Mukoseev (Russia) and third place Omer Friedland.

In the 2nd category the winner in Israel was David Stern with Benny Priel in 2nd place and David Maayan at 3rd place.
Overall winner was Živojin Perović (serbia with compatriots Dejan Omorjan & Slobodan Bojković at 2nd & 3rd place, respectively.

Links to problems & solutions:
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                       Round 2:  Problems   Solutions
Category 2 - Round 1:   Problems   Solutions
                       Round 2:  Problems   Solutions

Results  -  Category 1  -  Category 2